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On November 27, 1968, a group of civic spirited Filipinos presented and performed the various cultural talents of the Philippines on the Hadasha Night of Stars at the Pensacola Municipal Auditorium. The success of said performances built a foundation to form the Filipino ideals and traditions.

Succeeding administrations had ratified its constitutions and renamed it to Filipino-American Community Club, subsequently to the Filipino-American Association of Pensacola, Inc., a non-profit organization owned by each member binded under the laws of the State of Florida on April 11, 1974 and has broadened its objectives and opened its membership to all who are interested in the community and its vicinity.

Annual celebration of the Philippines' Independence and the Rizal's Day are the official functions of the association, where high community and military officials are honored guest and speakers. It has been a tradition that Philippine folk-dances and foods are part of the celebration..

The construction of the Fil-Am Community Center is one of the major accomplishments of the Filipino-American Association of Pensacola, since its conception in November 27, 1968. The acquisition of the center on February 22, 1992 attested to the strong determination of the group to have a place to call "our own".

Former association Presidents, Vicky Leyva, declared that it was accomplished out of, labor of love, lots of prayers and many of the good-hearted members bonding together to achieve a common goal. It was a real "bayanihan spirit".

The last few years showed great improvements at the Fil-Am Center. They included the paving of the parking lot, construction of the drainage on the west side of the parking lot, roof addition on the north end of the building, installation of a steel fence along the front perimeter of the building, erection of a Fil-Am community
sign, acquisition of a new mobile concession stand and the purchase of the youth center building.

Regarding the use of the Fil-Am Community Center, we can boast of many enjoyable parties and gatherings we had among our members and private parties. We enjoy the smokeless atmosphere, family get-together and good food served and the truly happy camaraderie with our "kababayans" and friends. Our community center had been in operation for over 14 years and we have tremendously enjoyed its use.

Most of all, we can call it our very own, in every sense of the word. The mortgage was paid off, for both the Community & Youth Center buildings, to the pride and satisfaction of all members.

Vic Villarama
Fil-Am Historian

Escambia County Proclamation
WHEREAS, the Filipino-American community is the second-largest Asian-American group in the United State; and
WHEREAS, "Filipino-American Heritage Month" commenmorates many significant events in Filipino-American Heritage and is celebrated in October to commemorate the first landing of Filipinos on October 18, 1587, in Morro Bay, California; and
WHEREAS, "Filipino-American Heritage Month" is a time to commenmorate many significant milestones and contributions made by Filipino-Americans to our history and cultural heritage; and
WHEREAS, as part of this celebration, the Filipino-American Association of Pensacola, Inc., will commemorate October 10, 2009, by sponsoring a cultural show in the Filipino-American Community Center Building, 234 West Oakfield Road, Pensacola, Florida; and
WHEREAS, the Filipino-American Association of Pensacola, Inc., joins other associations in maintaining, promoting and sharing the Filipino Cultural Heritage and in striving to serve the local community by contributing to area charitable organizations and other worthwhile activities that enhance the quality of life for the people of Northwest Florida.
NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT PROCLAIMED, that the Board of County Commissioners of Escambia County, Florida, hereby proclaims the month of October 2009 as
"Filipino-American Heritage Month"
in Escambia County and encourages its citizens and surrounding counties to join with the Board in oberservance of "Filipino-American Heritage Month", by recognizing the Contributions made by Filipino-Americans to the history of our community.
Marie Young, Chairman
District Three
Grover C. Robinson, IV, Vice Chairman
District Four
Wilson B. Robertson, District One
Gene M. Valentino, District Two
Kevin W. White, District Five

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